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I’ve chopped off most of my hair.

To be honest, lately everything has been pretty bad.
I’m tired of dealing with the same things, I’m tired of always being alone, I’m tired of being trapped in a bird cage, I’m tired of pretending like I’m okay, I’m just tired of everything. I feel like people set up these expectations that are so unrealistically high and I’m just so insignificant. I’m a shabby person, I’m lacking in everything and I can name more things I’m unable to do/am not than things I’m good at and are. Lately I’ve been brushing everything off and trying to surround myself with people but at the end of the day I’m still alone, right?

I’m not alone, but in a sense I am completely. 
At the same time I don’t want people to worry or feel pitied into comforting me/being around me. I don’t want people to look or treat me any differently. I’m me, the same exact person. I just kind of miss having a lively life from time to time. When I’m locked inside too much I get that feeling of being locked in some kind of bird cage. To me, it’s suffocating.  

Posted on February/26/2012
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Hello and welcome to my very own Tumblr dedicated towards becoming confident and happy with both my body and myself★
For years I've been yoyo-dieting, for a girl who used to be heavily overweight, I know the pain that being overweight can sometimes brings. I wouldn't call myself skinny nor fat, and I'm not dieting till I become stick thin like most people aim for, my aim is to just become happy with my body. If I'm happy with my body that alone will be enough.
There's many things I'm aiming for this year, I want to lose weight, grow my hair out, get a job, get my GED, go to college, and work towards becoming a flight attendant. These things and accomplishments will all be documented in this tumblr from this day on.

Just a typical 18 year old girl putting the pieces of her life together working towards her ideal future.

Any motivation, suggestions, opinions or even just comments, all of those I consider very helpful! So don't be afraid to send me a message through my ask box!♥ :>

I wouldn't consider this a thinspo blog but I do reblog a lot of pictures I consider an ideal body shape to motivate me.
I'll also post & reblog diet tips and such, you're free to follow but there's no need to feel obligated to. :>

Height: 5'2"
HW: 184 lbs.
LW: 121 lbs.
SW: 150 lbs.
CW: 93 lbs.
GW: 110 lbs.
UGW: 100 lbs.

Self photos (Body shots)
Daily diet logs
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