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Certain people should really fucking take responsibility for themselves instead of the typical sob story to play the pity card. A grown ass adult should act at least half like one. Through life, there’s been many up and downs. I’ve been called every name in the book but you know, at least I take responsibility for myself and my actions instead of it always being deflected at someone else.

It gets really difficult to act indifferent when I’m about to snap. Up to a degree I can handle idiotic bullshit day to day but this… It’s maddening to the point I want to scratch the flesh from my bones off.

I’m trying to deal with the cards I’ve been dealt but, at this moment, I’m falling apart. I feel suffocated as if there’s an anchor attached to my throat. I want help but I’m afraid to reach out to someone, anyone, they in return would end up dragging them down.

It’s infuriating dealing with misophonia and being around people who cannot understand how excruciating it can be. My biggest trigger is crunching, slurping and people talking with food in their mouth. It’s mainly centred around the noise of people eating but any sound while I’m trying to sleep at night drives me up the wall.

All I want for Christmas is to be dead.

My alcoholic father keeps rambling and putting me down publicly like a joke. I’ve never been more tempted to slice my wrists open in my life. Now he’s standing over me eating obnoxiously loud because he knows it triggers the fuck out of me having misophonia. The sad part about this is, I have money. I have temporary funds that would be enough to disappear for awhile, but I choose not to.

3,000+ saved up but it’s worthless to be. Everything I want can’t be bought with money.

I woke up covered in blood again. I can’t stop laughing and crying at the same time. I just want this to stop.

Sometimes I really wish I could pay someone to kill me. In whatever way wished, anyway is better than the way of deteriorating and in a sense, rotting. I’m tired of everything.

We’ll all be forgotten

A path to self happiness led to a path to self-destruction. To be honest, I can’t see myself lasting another year. Over the past year and a half I’ve gone from 160lbs to barely 80lbs. I’ve isolated myself from the world and people I found myself closest to without reason. It started as a healthy journey. Wholeheartedly, I wanted to become happy.

The more I find myself wishing to turn back time it’s like my feet begin walking further away without notice. I really miss everything to death. I feel trapped and suffocated… Now just having the will to get out to bed each morning is becoming more and more difficult. Now that I’ve settled with the hand I’ve been dealt it’s like I’ve lost hope. I’m painfully aware how selfish I sound but it’s like one day I woke up and lost interest in everything. I go to sleep wishing to god just to take me, I live as if it’s more like a sentence of punishment for breathing. So many people would give anything to have more time and yet here I am. After how bad my health has been lately, I’m wondering if I’ll even last for Christmas. I almost blacked out again today and while trying to stay conscious while trying to make myself seem fine I was biting my lip not to tell my mom I love her. I need to stop doing this to myself. Every time I try to reach out to the only people who I could turn to it’s like I suddenly get scared. I really can’t stand the thought of people I care about seeing me like this. I feel scared to death of me ultimately hurting them but in reality I’m doing harm to both myself and everyone else. I want a time machine.

A part of me felt like it shattered when I got on the scale a few days ago.
Am I really alright?
The past few weeks I’ve been growing endlessly annoyed over the people who kept mentioning and noticing my weight loss saying how I shouldn’t lose anymore and asking how I’ve lost so much. I would always reply pretty much the same saying I won’t lose much more, just a bit more then I’ll stop.
The other day I was shocked over how I was 93lbs fully clothed.
I don’t know why but it felt like I got slapped in the face with the reality that regardless on how far I go and what degree I end up at, it will never be enough. The “Just a bit more” will never end. It’ll always be insufficient.
I was completely in disbelief that I even tried it once more and my friend got on the scale to make sure it was right.

I still don’t want to admit I have a problem I can’t control. I know I have one but… it’s just difficult. I’m tired of this, I’m tired of worrying about it, I’m tired of everything. But at the same time it’s like it’s second-nature. As if it’s gotten to such a degree that it’s something that’s grown too familiar.

I, a person would could never understand this behavior, am now suffering from this. I’m not happy, I can’t even tell anyone in my family I’ve dropped this low because of how unhealthy I am and how I know they’ll react.

I’m really starting to fucking hate myself.

Collar bones are visible, hip bones are visible, rib cage is visible, thigh gap is there, even my spine is showing… I know I’ve lost weight and I can see it but at the same time it’s almost a feeling as if it’s not mine. Like It’s not my body. I can’t stand knowing regardless of how much effort is given or motivation and drive there is, it will always be “Just a bit more” I went from a size 14-15 to a size 2-3, thrown out my whole wardrobe because nothing fits, and it’s still not enough. It’s really fucking frustrating. I keep getting told “You shouldn’t lose anymore, you don’t want to look anorexic” I see it, but I don’t acknowledge it.  

I’ve always had issues with my body image since very young. It was almost like it was programmed in my mind that if I’m not good enough, I’m not worth anything to anyone. Being overweight would constantly make me feel overall completely unwanted. I have body issues, insecurities, flaws and this paranoia of people in a sense, being embarrassed by me regardless if it’s being with me or knowing me.

It’s ridiculous because I know generally most people won’t judge a person based on weight or looks unless it’s a huge factor but I just… I honestly cannot see myself in a different light. I don’t care about the way others look but I’m so harsh on myself. It really sucks because I know how corrupted my mind is on this topic of self body image. I say things such as “I’m doing it for myself” but sometimes I’m not really sure if I’m just trying to fool myself into thinking that.

I just wish I could just not care about such irrelevant things that in the end shouldn’t deem me “unworthy” or tarnish my character. 


I’ve lost weight again, I’ve dropped another pant size. I don’t know how much I weigh since I don’t go by the scale anymore but my pants are all baggy again and the clothes I bought last month that fit perfectly are all loose now. I still really need to tone up but at least my stomach is less repulsive compared to when I first lost all of my weight. OTL 
And yes, my room is messy as hell, LOL. 


Outfit #1 for Nana cosplay is pretty much done! Awyeeaaaaa. I just need to hem the jacket (It’s too long, in the picture it looks short just because I used safety pins), get a guitar case, maybe a punk-ish belt… Oh, and I need a plain black racerback shirt. The next outfit for day 2 I’ll probably do the leather biker jacket, ruffle dress, stockings & platforms.  


Outfit #1 for Nana cosplay is pretty much done! Awyeeaaaaa. I just need to hem the jacket (It’s too long, in the picture it looks short just because I used safety pins), get a guitar case, maybe a punk-ish belt… Oh, and I need a plain black racerback shirt. 

The next outfit for day 2 I’ll probably do the leather biker jacket, ruffle dress, stockings & platforms.  

From 150lbs to 110lbs in 3-4 months.
I’m not going to focus entirely on cutting calories anymore as from now on I’m going to start on toning up my body and getting rid of the extra/loose weight I have left! 

Hello and welcome to my very own Tumblr dedicated towards becoming confident and happy with both my body and myself★
For years I've been yoyo-dieting, for a girl who used to be heavily overweight, I know the pain that being overweight can sometimes brings. I wouldn't call myself skinny nor fat, and I'm not dieting till I become stick thin like most people aim for, my aim is to just become happy with my body. If I'm happy with my body that alone will be enough.
There's many things I'm aiming for this year, I want to lose weight, grow my hair out, get a job, get my GED, go to college, and work towards becoming a flight attendant. These things and accomplishments will all be documented in this tumblr from this day on.

Just a typical 18 year old girl putting the pieces of her life together working towards her ideal future.

Any motivation, suggestions, opinions or even just comments, all of those I consider very helpful! So don't be afraid to send me a message through my ask box!♥ :>

I wouldn't consider this a thinspo blog but I do reblog a lot of pictures I consider an ideal body shape to motivate me.
I'll also post & reblog diet tips and such, you're free to follow but there's no need to feel obligated to. :>

Height: 5'2"
HW: 184 lbs.
LW: 121 lbs.
SW: 150 lbs.
CW: 93 lbs.
GW: 110 lbs.
UGW: 100 lbs.

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